21 March, 2010

Bedroom Makeover- the planning

For the past six years I haven't had a permanent space of my own, bouncing between college dorms shared temporary apartments.  So now living with my parents again for an undetermined amount of time, I have regained ownership of my old bedroom that has undergone many functional changes since my absence but no significant makeover since I was twelve.  Yikes.  The walls are a baby blue with a carpet a few shades darker, covered in unidentified stains from over the years.  What is left of the furniture is mismatched at best, and piles of belongings sit in boxes around my room from lack of any proper places to put them.

So I have decided to undertake a large and expensive project (out of my own pocket!) for the next couple weeks of redoing my entire bedroom and creating a space that is comfortable, functional, and stylish.  Not having any experience in home decorating from the floor up, the process was overwhelming and intimidating at first.  With no idea where to start, I went to furniture stores hoping to stumble upon inspiration and found it.

Though at first considering "adult" furniture sets, I found a lot of the beds and dressers and desks way too large and clunky for my purposes, as well as boring in design, but when venturing into the realm of children's furniture I wanted to avoid picking anything too childish or cheap in quality.   I always liked the idea of a daybed because of their dual purpose, and the way they orient against the wall opens up a lot more floor space.  I went without the trundle option and picked up a matching dresser with mirror and night stand.

One thing I really like about the children's furniture is that it's the right size for me.  The dresser mirror allows me to see much more of myself, although my father says he can't see above his shoulders haha.  These were also a nice, sturdy quality with properly sliding drawers, and I love the simple elegance of the curved headboard and mirror.
If you're looking for comforter sets and other bedroom accessories, I recommend Target.  Simply Shabby Chic and Liberty of London are very cute and affordable.  The comforter that I purchased above is reversible, and the pillows have cute little pompoms on them.  I also bought a matching dark pink throw and used the pink as the inspiration for my walls.

While I was shopping around, I noticed black/white is very hot at the moment, as is damask.  So I gave into the trend and at least it'll make it easier to find matching accessories, but I also didn't want to get carried away with a single motif or too busy of prints.  Here's a few things I found at Target that caught my eye that I may incorporate into the room decor.

My carpet was the most expensive purchase so far, right at 1k, and is due to be installed around the 1st of April, the same week the rest of my furniture is supposed to be in.  It's a race against time to get this all completed before Easter, otherwise I won't have a place to sleep when the spare bedrooms are invaded by relatives.

More progress updates to come!  Any guesses on what colour of carpet I bought?


Mellie said...


I love how pretty and sophisticated your room is going to be! It's very you and very chic and I love it and want to see it. Hopefully I get to otherwise PICURES.

<3 Mellie

DaniniPanini said...

It looks so cute, I love it!