27 March, 2010

Bedroom Makeover- the paint

It's been busy and hectic this last week, with my grandmother in the hospital and my cat being put down yesterday.  Painting my room was put off until this weekend, but carpet isn't scheduled until next Thursday so things aren't so far behind. 

Here's the progress of the first coat of paint.  Tomorrow is the second coat. 

Here you can see my old carpet and the inside of my closet.  The very back wall of the closet is being painted beet as well, but the wall it's along is being kept white.  It actually looks quite nice!  The closet organizer setup I'm getting is going to be white, so it provides some contrast.

You can see it's much darker in some lighting.  That's the door and part of the wall that's going to remain white. 

I also received a surprise in the mail this afternoon!

I bought this skirt two weeks ago and it finally made its way over.  I've been fond of this Innocent World print since I can remember, and though I would have preferred the jumperskirt, I was able to snag this for only ~$120.  It's more gorgeous than I even expected, and when I have time I'll definitely take pictures of me wearing it.  The fabric is chiffon, which I wasn't expecting at all, with a lining under.  It also matches my bedroom, which is also similar to the paint of my car and my winter coat, so I think it's fairly obvious a colour that I love.  I'll have to look into finding a dressform to display outfits for my room if I have a spare corner, because a beauty like this should always be seen.


Mellie said...

I thought I commented here...:(

It all looks so pretty! I can't wait to see it! I can't wait to see you. Eeee, so excited! Ahhhh.


DaniniPanini said...

It so cute how your skirt matches your walls.
I want that print ;o;